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Under Construction

Members rides that are currently either under construction or getting some much needed TLC in the way of a rebuild  (time labour cash) / (tender loving care)^ - depending on how you look at it

Jeff's Second Holden Panelvan


Jeff has gone and got himself another Holden Panel to add to his collection. the pano has been hiding in storage for a few years so its in pretty good nic and has had a bit of work done to it over the years

Barry n Tareena's Big Red Jumbo

the Jumbo which is a rarer CF jumbo Safari that used to run tours for many years down in twizel. It currently runs a 327 chev V8, ford 9in diff. the Cf has been treated to a good amount of TLC  recently and is not quite finished. the Van has had alot of rust done and a new paint scheme and will eventually get back the 400cui Chev V8 it previously ran.

Pic is from the 2016 40th NZ Custom Van Nationals

Scott's New CF Bedford - was once a known as Flaming Pink


 Scott has saved this one from the bedford graveyard in the sky and is now starting on the long hard road to bring it back to being a drive-able van. it was last seen on the Custom Van show circuit in the '90s and was lost for a few years but will be getting a new lease on life. All the bodywork on the van is steel and was built in timaru back in the heyday of vanning. Scott has put a RB30e from a VL Commodore into it, that was removed from his old cf shell and is nearly ready for wiring


 A photo of Flaming Pink back in the early 90's

Kane's Cf Bedford - Night Vision

Kane's Van has had the club working bee treatment where we all turned up drank his beer n helped him strip his van back to bare nothings n begin the much needed repairs as well changes that Kane wanted or liked the though of. The addition of a new front spoiler, ford xc falcon grille new rear wing and a lick of primer at this point has the van looking pretty good so far. with more mods to come in the future this will be one classy van once its done.

this van has been around for awhile, it was originally built in Dunedin in the 80 and was known as Lightning Lady, at that point she was black with pink graphics with a huge 350 on the back panel. since owning this van Kane has made many changes, improvements and continues to do so

Much thanks to the Guys n Gals that helped out n put in the hard yards and late nights to get alot done to the van

Roberta's Cf Bedford

Roberta's van is another custom van from the 90s that has been hidden away and recently resurfaced. She has done alot of work in tidying and removing rust. in future ther a plans to add a big block to make the van boogie so look out folks

TP's Cf Bedford

this is TP's van Dragon Mist. it has a long way to go but has also come so far. TP has had much help from a great bloke by the name of Ted how has done alot of rust work in the van. much more work is to be done and hopefully this van will look pretty good once its finished

TP does plan to have the van airbrushed with a dragon mural in the future

The Vanz Unlimited Themed Cf Bedford project

  an old show van from the 80's n 90's that has been neglected for a few years of TLC that has made it into the hands of the Club's Three Amigos who are going to give it a new lease on life restore it to a useable van theme it after the Club


keep an eye on our facebook page for updates on how we are getting on with it:



Vanz Unlimited Shortened Cf Bedford Trailer project

This is a shortened CF Bedford van that is former show van built in the mid 80's and retired in the 2000's due to the set in of some rust in critical points that rendered in unroadworthy and was destined for the great van graveyard in the sky, but luckily it has made it into the hands of the made it into the Club's Three Amigos and though it is far off being a driveable van again, the three Amigos are going to give it a new lease on life as a trailer for the Club

Keep an eye out on our facebook page for how we are getting on with it 

Mike P's CF Truck



 Mike's Truck is currently of the road getting a few extreme custom mod's and a possible engine upgrade from the 202 n celica 5speed in the near future - looks like it might be getting a commodore V6 n auto to make it boogie as well as some cool as body mods to boot 


More Info and a Photo to come 

Aaron's CF Van



 Aaron's Van is powered by a Holden 186 and is currently off the road getting a rebuild which include a new body kit, upgrade from the old factory diff as well as a few other touch ups n mods.


More Info and a Photo to come 


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